Aseer Ali Allah El / Forbidden Planet / NY

The mystery of who, when, where, or what the Dark Skull 418 really is, becomes Moor and More revealing as you read. The DS418 will take you on a "FutureHistoricSuperSci-Fi-Fantasy" ride of epic proportions.


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Press Release

This phenomena is a scary thought for some, a deadly threat to others. With the advent of this cultural awakening effecting the perception of the world's populace, people began to see the world for what it really was for the first time in a long time. The powers that be saw the writing on the wall, and knew the so called New World Order was no longer a forgone conclusion.

About the Author

Aseer The Duke Of Tiers is a Multimedia artist who started doing art at 4. He took art classes at the Brooklyn Museum at 7 and continued throughout his life. After learning abroad in schools, and the streets of Brooklyn. Aseer studied Jurisprudence in pursuit of his PHD. Known as The Duke Of Tiers, Aseer and his queen Celina The Empress of 10,000 Years have a musical group called, Team Cordoba. They recorded a Soundtrack to the Novel entitled "DS418: The Sound Track Album Mixtape CD ♫"

This site will serve as a showcase for the archive in preparation for the new book in full-color with all new illustration's of your favorite characters.